All 50 short films on the natural treasures of South Westphalia

For each of the 50 natural treasures we show you a short film. The films are only available in german language.

These films are designed to give you an impression of each area and provide information about the local nature. We hope you enjoy the great pictures.

All films were produced by Augenblick-Naturfilm of Enger. The speaker is Peter Kellner from Hannover; the voice recordings were made at Studio Film und TV Westerbarkey.

01 Zachariassee

02 Lippeaue

03 Ahsewiesen

04 Wälder um Welver

05 Woeste

06 Hellwegbörde

07 Kleiberg

08 Möhnesee

09 Lörmecketal

10 Möhnetal

11 Arnsberger Wald

12 Moosfelde

13 Siebenbuchen

14 Diemeltal und Königsseite

15 Glockengrund