Kreis Olpe

33 Rübenkamp

Orchids and gentians – Close to the open-air theatre in Elspe near Lennestadt you will find an impressive nature reserve that enchants with its juniper stands and calcareous semi-dry grassland.

34 Breiter Hagen

Carpets of flowers in the spring, a broad range of medicinal and poisonous plants, mosses and ferns – the Breiter Hagen Nature Reserve near Attendorn shows the entire diversity of calcareous beechwoods.

35 Bilstein and Rosenberg

Just outside the walls of Bilstein Castle in Olpe, the virgin forests of future are growing – the old stock of oak and beech trees is a designated wilderness forest.

36 Buchenwälder an der Einsiedelei - Beech forests at the Einsiedelei

Beech and swamp forests far from civilization – on the mountain ridges between the Veischede and Olpe valleys only the small hamlet of Apollmicke and an old forester's house interrupt the dense forest.

37 Schwarzbachtal - Schwarzbach Valley

Nestled in the forests of the Rothaar mountain ridge is the nature reserve "Schwarzenbach System with Haberg and Krenkels Valley". This area is an ideal haven for rare and shy species, including the Black Stork and the Wildcat.

38 Großmicketal - Großmicke Valley

Woodcock, Cotton Grass, Meadow Pipit – The wet meadows and swamp forests on the upper reaches of the Bigge River and its tributaries impress with their rich flora and fauna.