Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein

39 Schanze

In 1927, a poacher's bullet killed the last wild Bison in Europe, but thanks to a small breeding population in zoos and enclosures, there are wild Bison in Wittgenstein again today.

40 Hörre

With almost supernatural abilities through the darkness – the former slate mine of Hörre is now home to one of the most important bat roosts in North Rhine-Westphalia.

41 Grubengelände Littfeld - Former Mining Area of Littfeld

Only a few plant species can tolerate a high metal content in the soil. Such survivalists flourish at the former mining area near Littfeld. Here, centuries of iron ore mining took place.

42 Elberndorftal - Elberndorf Valley

From dark Spruce forest to valuable nature reserve – the two elongated stream valleys of the Zinse and the Elbersdorf have undergone this transformation. They include a number of rare habitats with very special animal and plant species.

43 Ginsberger Heide - Ginsberg Heath

Heath, moor, fields of Mat Grass and nutrient-poor meadows characterise the Ginsberg Heath near the town of Hilchenbach. Forests of Birch, Beech and Maple frame the open landscape here.

44 Oberes Edertal - Upper Eder Valley

The Rothaar ridge with the headwaters of the Eder, Sieg and Lahn is a location of rare habitats and a refuge for rare species. Extensive Beech forests, moors and open stream valleys characterise this region.

45 Trupbacher Heide - Trupbach Heath

From a military training area to a nature reserve – where tanks were still driving around a few years ago, there is today a nature reserve with special habitats and rare animal and plant species.

46 Gernsdorfer Weidekämpe - Meadows and pastures of Gernsdorf

Meadows abounding in flowering plants can be found in the Gernsdorfer Weidekämpe Nature Reserve in Siegerland. The meadows have survived here because traditional land-use practices have been retained as a nature-protection measure.

47 Gambach and Hirtenwiese

A touch of the Luneburg Heath – in the Gambach near Burbach visitors can admire the last big juniper heath in the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein.

48 Großer Stein

Glowing lava and angry giants – the basalt stone river "Großer Stein" (Big Stone) looks back on an eventful past.

49 Wetterbach - Wetterbach Valley

Meadows bursting with life – not only a perfect habitat for grassland birds and butterflies but even for the rare Globeflower and Monkshood.

50 Winter-Weierbach - The Winterbach and Weierbach Valleys

Hiking up through the valleys of the Winterbach and Weierbach streams, you reach the basalt plateau of the Westerwald forest.