Kreis Soest

01 Zachariassee - Lake Zacharias

A 33-hectare groundwater lake with gently sloping beaches and an island – that is the core of the Zachariassee Nature Reserve, located northeast of Lippstadt. The lake is a paradise for waterbirds.

02 Lippeaue - Lippe Floodplain

Near-natural meadows and river sections, semi-wild cattle and horses, wading birds and waterfowl, as well as breeding White Storks – all these are to be seen in the floodplain of the River Lippe. Observation points allow you to experience the nature of the area.

03 Ahsewiesen - Ahse Meadows

Wet meadows and large flood zones – that is the Ahsewiesen wet meadows nature reserve in the western corner of the District of Soest. It is home to one of the largest breeding populations of the Curlew in South Westphalia.

04 Wälder um Welver - Forests around Welver

Surrounded by predominantly agricultural landscape, this area of more than 300 hectares is the largest continuous natural deciduous forest in the lower Börde area.

05 Woeste

This small lowland moor in the middle of the agricultural Hellwegbörde is a magnet for wading birds and waterfowl. The loud chorus of numerous Tree Trogs can be heard from afar in the spring and summer.

06 Hellwegbörde

The Hellwegbörde has been shaped by agricultural use for thousands of years. Deep quarries and stream valleys known as "Schledden", which only hold water after heavy rainfall, provide an insight into the geological history.

07 Kleiberg

Near-natural pastures on the heights of the Haarstrang hills: semi-wild cattle and horses help to maintain a former garrison training area.

08 Möhnesee - Lake Möhne

As a European bird sanctuary, Lake Möhne is of international significance. In winter, thousands of waterfowl stop over here.

09 Lörmecketal - Lörmecke Valley

Rugged limestone cliffs, ancient forests and low-nutrient meadows covered in flowers - the canyon-like valley of the lower Lörmecke River combines a variety of different habitats.

10 Möhnetal - Möhne Valley

Wet meadows, Willow and Alder forests border the upper reaches of the River Möhne. In recent years, renaturing of many parts of the River Möhne and its floodplain was carried out.

11 Arnsberger Wald - Arnsberg Forest

The Arnsberg Forest is one of the largest contiguous forest areas in North Rhine-Westphalia. Many small and medium-sized streams cross this area.