Märkischer Kreis

26 Luerwald und Bieberbach - Luer Forest and Bieber Stream

The extensive Beech and Oak dominated mixed forests with their numerous streams are particularly near-natural and species-rich habitats of great importance for birds.

27 Apricke

The former military training area is now a large pasture landscape grazed by herds of wild cattle, horses, goats and sheep.

28 Felsenmeer Hemer - Rock chaos of Hemer

This chaos of rocks comprises bizarre formations and canyons surrounded by beech forests. According to legend, they were, in ancient times, the kingdom of the dwarfs.

29 Orlebachtal - Orle Stream Valley

In the Orle Stream Valley near Balve, visitors can experience up close a near-natural mountain stream with its special flora and fauna: Kingfisher, Beautiful demoiselle and brook lamprey are at home here.

30 Bommecketal - Bommecke Valley

Very close to the highly industrialized Lenne Valley in Plettenberg is a different, quieter world with an enchanted valley. The headstream has become a refuge for many rare species.

31 Stilleking

In the Stilleking Nature Reserve the only things to be heard are birdsong, insect sounds and the rustling of forest foliage. It is difficult to believe that as recently as the 1990s the area resounded to the clattering of armoured vehicles.

32 Ebbemoore - Ebbe Moors

The water-saturated mountain slope and spring moors in the Ebbegebirge mountain range are the jewels of the almost completely forested mountain ridge in the European conservation area Ebbe Moors.